Mark 7 Revolution -

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Mark 7 Revolution -

*Price point listed above includes 14" Case Feeder, Automated Priming, Digital Powder Measure, and Mr. Bullet Feeder Pro. Additional options are listed below.

Waiting for an affordable commercial loading machine with enough power and speed to achieve your business goals? It's here! Based upon Mark 7's proven digital drive mechanism technology the The Mark 7® Revolution™ is a machine unlike any other in the market -- a completely integrated, new loading press of their own design.

Differentiating Features:
• Ultra smooth and precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing
• 3,500 rounds per hour
• Compatible with Mark 7® Sensors & accessories 
• System works on new AND re-manufactured brass
• Hard anodized and hard nickel plated components
• New to the market onboard primer collator for continuous feed operation!
• Integrated motorized powder measure that can be programmed for specific loads - accuracy is +/- .05 grains @ 12.2 grains (subject to testing conditions)
• Ultra smooth and precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing
• Integration of the sensors that has made Mark 7® Reloading™famous (see below)
• 10 station toolhead utilizing off-the-shelf reloading dies
• Microprocessor monitored and controlled
• Features monitored by included computer
• Downloadable machine firmware and software upgrades for life
• Supports a variety of accessories including today's off-the-shelf reloading dies
• Pre-assembled and shipped ready-to-use
• CNC grade planetary gearbox
• Full 1 year warranty

The Revolution can be upgraded with the following options:
• Trimmer Kits (For Rifle Calibers Only)
• Offload System
Remote Stop - stops the machine instantly when button is pressed
SwageSense - stops the machine when unexpected primer pockets are sensed
DecapSense - stops the machine when a decapped primer is not sensed
Primer Orientation Sensor - checks to be sure the primer is oriented correctly
BulletSense -  stops the machine if a vertical bullet is not present
Digital Powder Check - stops the machine if an incorrect powder level is detected
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