Out of Office

Starting January 15th, 2021 we will be out of the shop through January 25th, 2021.

Regular hours will resume on January 27th. All of these changes have been uploaded into our "Special Hours" section on our Google Business Listing and should therefore be displayed correctly during searches during this time frame.

As far as online order fulfillment....the website will be up the entire time, but shipments will be suspended during this closure until we return. Any in stock order placed before close of business on January 9th will ship before we shut down. As far as orders placed between the 10th and 14th, we will do our best to get as many out as possible before the closure, but cannot make any guarantees on these dates. All orders placed January 15th through January 24th will be processed when we return to the shop on January 25th.

Business as normal on Facebook via both the business page and PMs. Emails will be answered. Phone calls will go straight to voicemail and we will return those calls as time permits.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.