Mark 7 Primer Orientation Sensor

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Mark 7 Primer Orientation Sensor

While loading on a Mark 7® Evolution® or Revolution® you now have the ability to stop the machine if you have a primer that is missing or have other issues inserting a primer. Have you had the situation where you are loading at a pretty good pace only to find out that your supply contains non-conforming or missing primers? This can create havoc on your supply and loading operation–and in general–is a headache. Well, Mark 7 has a solution!

This sensor is only available for the Evolution® and Revolution® class of machines that have priming systems in them (not brass processors). Regardless if you're set-up in Stacked Priming or with the Onboard Primer Collator this sensor slides right into the cut-out near your primer punch.

There are two specific functions of this sensor:

    1. Can stop your Evolution® or Revolution® in the event of a missing, upside down, cocked, or a primer that is too proud
    2. Can stop your machine if you have a jam and the machine does not index properly
      Both of these functions enable an alert on your tablet screen that the sensor has been activated
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