Mark 7 SwageSense -

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Mark 7 SwageSense -

The swaging station adds a chamfer to the inside of the primer pocket to ensure proper primer seating.  If there is an obstruction it prevents the swage rod from entering the primer pocket by either a partially ejected primer (often called a "ringer") or a small primer pocket in mixed .45ACP brass. SWAGESense uses Mark 7® proprietary technology to not only perform a swage operation, but also can detect a ringer and small pocket primers.

Advantages of using SWAGESense®

  • Swages the toughest military crimped brass
  • Detects small/large primer ringers particularly found in wet washed brass
  • Detects small primers in .45ACP brass
  • When encountering a blockage or small pockets (using large rod) it can stop the machine and alert you through your tablet
  • Dramatically reduces probability of breaking swage rods !

SWAGESense is constructed using hard anodized aluminum and comes complete with two hardened chromoly swage rods - for both small and large primer pockets.

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