Mark 7 Autodrive -

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Mark 7 Autodrive -

Mark 7 Autodrives are the top choice for when you choose to automate your DILLON hand operated reloading press. The combination of our patented digital sensor technology, torque sensing motor and jam sense technology ensures a safe and trouble free loading experience.


Features at a Glance:

    • Digital clutch - adjustable on-the-fly
    • 10” Full Color Tablet included Ability to upgrade press with any Mark 7 Sensors necessary
    • Ability to turn Sensors on and off as needed User selectable speeds of up to 3,500 rounds/hour (Depending on Model)
    • Digital jog and immediate stop
    • Maintenance-free timing belt drive 1-year full warranty
    • Pre-assembled and shipped ready to you And Much More…

The auto drive system comes pre-assembled on a 1/2" aluminum billet base plate ready to simply bolt on to your press with the included hardware. Package includes the high horsepower motor, gearbox, motor mount and supplementary electronics. The 10” android tablet comes pre-loaded with Mark 7 software and is user upgradable FOR LIFE when a new version is released. Comes with a high quality tablet mount. Everything you need to turn your hand operated press into an automated ammo factory is included -- typical installation time is ONLY 20-30 minutes!”

The Mark7 Autodrive can be upgraded with the following sensors:
Remote Stop - stops the machine instantly when button is pressed
SwageSense - stops the machine when unexpected primer pockets are sensed
DecapSense - stops the machine when a decapped primer is not sensed
Primer Orientation Sensor - checks to be sure the primer is oriented correctly
BulletSense -  stops the machine if a vertical bullet is not present
Digital Powder Check - stops the machine if an incorrect powder level is detected

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