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Bowers Group – Quiet Versatility™

In the late 90’s Tom Bowers started manufacturing suppressors under the “Bowers” name. At that time his goal was to make a quality subgun can at a fair price and provide great customer service. The company has since shifted from a sole proprietorship to Bowers Group LLC. We still have a fondness for subguns but Bowers Group presently manufactures subgun/carbine suppressors in 9mm and .45, three .22 offerings, and we’ve made a name for ourselves in the big bore market with the Bowers Group Vers 458 and Vers 50 silencers as well as our ultra light weight ASP .45 pistol silencer.

Several years ago Bowers Group LLC began manufacturing a variety of thread adapting inserts for use with our products. To keep up with customer requests and to provide the optimum versatility of platform to correspond with our silencers Bowers Group now offers 24 Versadapt™ inserts for our Vers series of silencers for subgun/carbine and big bore cans and 10 ATAS™ inserts for our ASP™ .45 pistol suppressor, our two Paradigm models and our USS 22 (User Serviceable Suppressor). None of our competitors come close to offering the versatility that we do. Our thread adapting inserts are available for use with our silencers, flash hiders, our faux can and our flash hider/brakes. Each silencer we sell includes an appropriate thread adapting insert which the customer chooses. The inserts are interchangeable: the Versadapt™ inserts can be used with any of our Vers series of silencers (although certain inserts are only appropriate for certain calibers/bore sizes) whiles the ATAS™ inserts are suitable for use with our rimfire and .45 pistol silencers.

Bowers Group is also known for our patented Griptastic™/Supcov™ high-temp silicone suppressor covers. Bowers Group was the first to introduce a silicone cover that protects you and your gear from a hot silencer, reduces the IR signature and does an amazing job at reducing mirage. They are also a must-have for anyone participating in transition training with silencers and extremely useful for those with quick detach mounts. We currently manufacture 23 models of these covers which fit most silencers on the market.

If you like a little color with your quiet Bowers Group is the only manufacturer offering a Vers 458 in Red Dawn Rose (as well as basic matte black). We are proud of the performance, as well as the look of our 3 oz Paradigm 22 silencer which is available in matte black, snappy bubble gum pink, man-genta purple or party blue.

Bowers Group LLC is known for providing outstanding customer service. We have one of the best service policies in the industry and we have live people who not only pick up the phone and respond to emails, but also return calls. It’s important that our customers to be well-informed and happy with their purchase. We’ll never push you toward the wrong silencer just to make a sale. We also never force a dealer to purchase multiple suppressors that eat up valuable retail space just so he can purchase the one can his customer wants.

Our commitment to our customers and dealers doesn’t stop when a product is shipped. We stand behind our products after the sale. While there are certain models that we’ve discontinued we still offer service on anything with the “Bowers” name on it. We also make every attempt to offer retrofits at a nominal charge when improvements are made to our products. Silencers are and should be durable goods that you can pass down to your grandchildren.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then we are very well thought of by our competitors but with Bowers Group you get the real thing.

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