Rollsizer - Manual Unit -

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Rollsizer - Manual Unit -

The manual rollsizer uses the same rolling parts as the DC unit but requires manual cranking. The crank effort required is minimal. The rollsizer can be connected to your Dillon case feeder using the supplied hose and adaptor clip or connected to other case feeder types with some modifications. No, you cannot modify the manual rollsizer to a DC drive at a later stage as the gearbox internals are different.

The rollsizer is supplied with hex drive bits to connect your portable drill to the rollsizer. Simply remove the crank handle and insert the hex bit into your drill and the bolt fitted into the end of the crank handle shaft and run it.

Rollsizer kit includes all the fittings to connect to your Dillon casefeeder. The rollsizer should be mounted to your work bench for best operation. 

*Caliber conversion discs and drop tubes are not included and must be ordered seperately.*

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