Mark 7 Automated Priming System - Revolution -

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Mark 7 Automated Priming System - Revolution -

How many times have you wished for a way to avoid the endless task of filling and refilling primer tubes and then having to dump them into your primer feed? 

It works by using a small vibratory bowl feeder that causes primers to walk up a circular ramp within the bowl. The primers then pass a knockdown (to eliminate sideways primers), then pass a series of 3 knockouts (to eliminate upside down primers) and finally they slide down a ramp. The down ramp feeds a rotating primer disk that precisely positions primers for insertion into cases. If a case in not present the “orphan” primer continues around with the disk and is re-inserted into the feed stream. 


    • Continuous feed primer collator
    • 6-slot automatic primer feed disk for physical separation of primers from each other
    • Optical sensor driven primer flow control
    • Accepts optional primer orientation sensor 
    • Easily refillable without any interruption in operation
    • Lexan safety shield covers
    • Easily convertible to small or large primers
    • Approximately 300 to 500 capacity

The entire system is easily accessible for maintenance and disconnects from the press entirely with just a few screws.

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