Mark 7 Apex 10 -

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Mark 7 Apex-10 -

*Price as listed includes 11" Casefeeder, Mechanical Powder Measure, and Standard Priming. Additional options are available below.

Comes Standard with:
•All new 11” High Speed Case Feeder
•Lyman Stainless Steel Pro Hold Down Die included
•Mechanical Powder Measure
•Standard Priming with all New Shuttle Disk Delivery System - Small/large primer conversion included
•Double Guide Rod support for the tool head creates more stability
Key Features:
•Upgradeable with Mark 7 Autodrives and sensors
•Smooth Ergonomic Ambidextrous Handle
•Fully supported - Mark 7 community and technical help included
•Supports one-pass processing and loading
•Works with new and fired brass
•Precision CNC machined aluminum and steel
A massive, robust 10-station cast iron tool head which allows you to “have it all”:
Station 1: Case feeding
Station 2: Sizing and decapping
Station 3: Swage/Case trim
Station 4: Primer seat with hold down
Station 5: Case flare/neck expansion Station 6: Powder drop
Station 7: Powder check
Station 8: Bullet Dropper
Station 9: Seating
Station 10: Crimping
The above is just one possible set-up. The 10 station tool head offers a large variety of options for all your reloading and case processing needs
• All New Large capacity, fast feeding case collator
• Ergonomically designed operating handle can be assembled for right or left-hand use
• 11” Case Feeder with variable speed motor
• Mechanical Powder Measure
• Shuttle Disk Stacked Priming System
• Supports one-pass rifle/pistol processing and loading
• Works with new AND fired brass
• Precision CNC machined aluminum and steel
• Upgradeable with Mark 7 Autodrives and sensors
• Fully supported Mark 7 community and technical help included
• Double Guide Rod support for the tool head for more stability
• A large assortment of accessories, upgrades and sensors are available.

The Apex10 can easily be upgraded with the following options at any point:
• Autodrive
• Primer Express – Electronic Oscillating Primer System
• Digital Powder Measure (only with Autodrive)
• Digital Sensors (only with Autodrive)
• Machine caliber conversion kits that include everything required to convert the press from one caliber to another
• Trimmer kit for rifle processing

PLEASE NOTE: Hold Down Die is included, but additional dies and bullet feeder are not included with the Apex10 and must be purchased separately.
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