Dillon RL450 Upgrade - Frame Kit

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Dillon RL450 Upgrade - Frame Kit

You can, either all at once or one assembly at a time, upgrade your RL 450 reloader to an RL 550C. 

This same kit is also an upgrade to the RL550C, with the threaded upper pivot pins 

Kit includes: 
RL550C Frame 
2 Toolhead Pins 
Primer slide return spring and pin 
Platform Alignment Tool 
Punch for removing old-style link arm pivot pins 

Two New-Style Upper Linkarm Pivot Pins 
To completely transform your RL 450 into an RL 550C you may also need the following (assuming you don't already have these):
Dillon RL 450 Upgrade Auto Prime System
RL450/AT500 Dillon Auto Powder System 
Dillon RL 450 Upgrade Auto Ejection System
Dillon Primer System Early Warning Kit 
If you have an older powder measure that lacks the more modern failsafe features you may also need: 

Powder Measure Failsafe Kit for RL550 
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