Dillon Media Seperator -

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Dillon Media Seperator -

The CM-500 Case/Media Separator is designed to handle the load of a CV-750 Case Cleaner which is about 500 pieces of 45ACP or 38/357, or about 200 pieces of 30-06 brass. The tub measures 13.5" x 19.5".


The CM-2000 Case/Media Separator is large, 10" x 14", and will hold more than 1,600 .38 Special cases. It sits on a large media collection tub that measures 18" x 22". The tub keeps the mess off the floor and bench. It's fast, so fast it will remove media from 1500 rounds of .223 brass in a matter of seconds.  That's plenty of space to take on the first generation FL-2000 or it's replacement the CV-2001

| Greg Miller

Holes dont line up on handle, cannot open one handed, very poor latches on drum, takes both hands, not good design

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