Silencer Inc


Silencer Inc. is your home for great quality, affordable silencers you can put on every weapon you own. At just $300 for a 5.56 and $350 for a .30 caliber silencer, your total cost of ownership (cost of silencer, tax stamp, mounts, etc.) is less than half the cost of the so-called "market leader's" silencer alone. Several competitors charge as much to mount their silencer to your firearm as we charge for our silencer.  Are you buying a mount or a muffler?



Do you move your barrel from gun to gun?  Do you share optics across weapons with different calibers?  Triggers?  Why is your silencer any different?  In a word - price. Some manufacturers tout their silencers as having "multi-caliber" capabilities to justify the high prices they command.  But the truth is, a silencer is just a muffler.  You wouldn't pay more for your car muffler than you would for your car.  You shouldn't pay more for your firearm muffler than you did for the firearm.

While these products are not currently listed on our website, we do stock them. Please contact us for current availability. You can start a text conversation with us by using the icon at the lower right hand corner of the screen....