Through the years, Microtech® Knives has infused passion and skill into making works of art that are the apex of functionality and form. They continue to push boundaries and improve on what they already know works.

Since their inception, Microtech has been dedicated to making the world’s best cutting tools with the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. They seek new horizons in tactical and utilitarian knife design and usage. They bring complexity and minimalism together in one piece, to reach knife enthusiasts and lovers in real-world scenarios.

Microtech will continue to lead the path of ingenuity and embrace their setbacks as much as their achievements, for their goal is perfection. Never holding back, never stop moving forward, and most importantly, never compromise.


Beginning in 1994, out of an apartment and later a storage bay in Vero Beach, Florida, Microtech® Knives was created by Anthony Marfione and Susan Marfione with a simple mission in mind: Create the best knives possible.

More than twenty-seven years later, now headquartered in Western North Carolina and Bradford, Pennsylvania, Microtech® Knives operates with that same mission at the forefront of everything they do. Throughout the evolution of growth and change, and expanding to over 150 employees, their goal remains the same: to exceed the highest standards of quality possible. That legacy and commitment continues with Sean Marfione working under the tutelage of his father, Anthony.

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