Mark 7 Evolution - 9mm/38 Super

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Mark 7 Evolution 9mm/38 Super -

*Price as listed includes 11" Casefeeder, Mechanical Powder Measure, and Standard Priming. Additional options are available below.

The Evolution features:
• Smooth ambidextrous hand operation- left or right side with the included ergonomic handle designed by medical device engineer
• Standard Priming System
• Mechanical Powder Measure
• Case Feeder
• Supports Mark 7's one-pass processing and loading
• Calibers from .380 up-to .308 Winchester

The Evolution can be upgraded with the following options:
• BulletFeeder
• Trimmer Kits (For Rifle Calibers Only)
• Offload System
• Autodrive - which can include sensors for each press function that will stop the machine and alert you
  • Remote Stop - stops the machine instantly when button is pressed
  • SwageSense - stops the machine when unexpected primer pockets are sensed
  • DecapSense - stops the machine when a decapped primer is not sensed
  • Primer Orientation Sensor - checks to be sure the primer is oriented correctly
  • BulletSense -  stops the machine if a vertical bullet is not present
  • Digital Powder Check - stops the machine if an incorrect powder level is detected

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