AmmoBot Case Extraction Unit - CP2000

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AmmoBot Case Extraction Unit - CP2000

This product works in conjunction with the Primer Pocket Probe to remove cases that have been identified by the probe as being in need of extraction.  For instance, if the probe detects a small primer pocket case while you are running large primer cases through the AmmoBot, the AmmoBot will automatically pause while this extraction unit removes the case from the station 2 position on the press.  The AmmoBot will automatically resume operation.

This product requires the following AmmoBot products to operate.  Each sold separately.

  • AmmoBot Dillon 1050 Auto Drive Rev 2 or Greater  
  • AmmoBot Primer Pocket Probe

This device is not made to operate with any other press/configuration.

U.S. Pat. No. 9,664,488; 9,879,961 and Patents Pending

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